About Us

We are owned by Gold York Enterprises Limited (GYE), a Hong Kong based corporation with extensive experience in structural steel fabrication and erection works. GYE has accumulated strong leading position in the field throughout past years, and is the major shareholder of three capacious factories and workshops located in Ningbo, Gaolan Port of Zhuhai, PRC.

Success and sustainability of a business is derived from mutual satisfaction and win-win negotiation of all parties in both internal and external environment. It is also our management philosophy that we should not only provide accurate technical solution but also proficient commercial consultation to our clients. The Board of Gold York has formulated a set of Core Values, Vision and Mission that define our business ethic and lead our staff to become objective oriented in meeting challenging demands of today’s dynamic business world. We believe that both our customers and workforce will be benefited from higher performance with shared values and stronger corporate culture.